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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Beauty Goals For 2019

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                         Beauty Goals For 2019

As we ring in a New Year, why don’t we start it on a right foot? Let’s set some new goals for ourselves, along with the usual resolutions. Let’s set some beauty goals that will help keep us looking better all year and make our lives easier in the process.

Beauty Goal Number One:   Taking Off Our Makeup Every Night

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This is a goal we must learn to achieve. Leaving on our makeup overnight is so hard on our skin. It can clog our pores. This can cause breakouts. This can also cause our skin to look duller and become dryer. Finally, it causes the makeup to become trap in any lines we may have. This can cause the lines to enhance which in turn can cause them to eventually become even deeper.

Beauty Goal Number Two:  Try Your best to apply Moisturizer Regularly

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SPF products should be applied year around to your face. The reason why is simple. The sun doesn’t stop shining in the winter months. In fact, UVA rays can even go through glass. This means that you can get brown spots from riding the bus every day on sunny days or driving to and from work. How can you protect yourself easily and quickly? Consider buying beauty products that do double duty such as buying liquid foundations that have built in SPF lotion within them.

Beauty Goal Number Four: Wash Your Favorite Beauty Brushes Weekly

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Yes, it is a chore. But mark it on your calendar to weekly wash your favorite beauty brushes with some mild detergent and air dry. Yes, the brushes are like everything else, with daily use they begin to fill with germs. You don’t want those germs to grow and then spread them across your pretty face.

Keeping these simple beauty goals all year long and then making them your lifetime beauty habits will ensure that you will continue being the most beautiful you possible.

Thanks for reading. Happy 2019.  Hope to see you hear soon.

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