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Friday, April 20, 2018

A spring makeup blessing: An eyeliner that doesn’t smudge

It looks like spring has finally begun here in Ohio. This means everyone is looking forward to brighter colors in fashion and makeup. For me, I am thinking about wearing brighter eyeshadows. However, I had one problem with this. My eyeliner was beginning to smudge. Yet, I found a solution to this problem thanks to Maybelline Master Precise Skinny Eyeliner.

Why did my last eyeliner fail on me; I do not know. I wore it for years. I could rub my eyes gently and it could withstand the abuse. However, it no longer could even withstand regular wear anymore. This is a problem for me, especially since spring and warm weather was coming.

I am planning on being outside more this year. I know heat could definitely be hard on my makeup and definitely could cause running issues. Now was the time to begin looking for a new eyeliner.

Master Precise Skinny caught my eye because the packaging stated that it was a smooth gel. The skin around my eyes is delicate. I cannot stand an eyeliner that is rough when applying. The back of the package read that it has all day wear. I like that fact. It also stated that the liner has a skinny point. I assumed this would also make it easy to apply. The fact that it was packaged in a cute pink pencil was nice. But this was not a real concerning factor to me. Although, I did realize it would be easier to find in my makeup case than my old brown pencil was.

A quick glance at some reviews on the Internet seem to be mixed. I did like the ones that stated that the eyeliner was smudged proof. I decided to try it because of those reviews and now I am so glad that I did.

For me, that product was and has been smudged proof. I wore it the first day with no problems. That night, it was easy to take off with my makeup remover. The second day, I again had no smudged issues. On the third day, I had a little emotional breakdown and was crying a lot. My mascara ran because it was not waterproof. After calming down and wiping my face, I noticed the eyeliner was still in place. I found that really cool.

Yes, I have found the eyeliner easy and gentle to apply. I am also pleased that it comes in both brown and black shades. I have brown eyes and mostly use brown eyeliners.

In my opinion, Maybelline Precise Skinny Eyeliner is not only a must-have for my makeup bag, it is a blessing.

Thanks for reading.  Please check back soon for more posts on beauty topics. 

All Photos taken  by writer: Linda McCloud

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